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Rank Web Hosting Provider Special Price Plan Features Overall Score
1 Fatcow - Click to visit HOST
Best Business Hosting
$8.95 $3.15 65% OFF Free Domain Name
Unlimited Websites
100% Wind Energy
Web Host Rating: 98.5%
2 WebHostingHub
Best Unlimited Hosting
$6.95$3.95 43% OFF Free Domain Name
Unlimited Websites
90 Days Money Back
Web Host Rating: 93%
3 WebHostingPad
Best Cheap Hosting
$3.99$1.99 50% OFF Free Domain Name
Unlimited Domains
30 Days Money Back
Web Host Rating: 85%
4 GoDaddy
Small Business Host
$6.95 $1.99 per month 24/7 Technical Support
99.9% Server Uptime
30 Days Money Back
Web Host Rating: 81%
5 iPage
Cheap Unlimited Hosting
$6.95 $2.95 58% OFF Unlimited Domains
Free Website Security
$450 of FREE Extras
Web Host Rating: 78%
6 GreenGeeks
Best Green Hosting
$7.95 $4.95 38% OFF Unlimited Domains
Free Website Builder
30 Days Money Back
Web Host Rating: 78%
7 JustHost
Cheap Shared Hosting
$6.95$4.45 36% OFF Free Domain Name
Unlimited Websites
Instant Website Setup
Web Host Rating: 72%
8 HostGator
Professional Hosting
$5.56$3.71 33% OFF Free Website Builder
Free Shopping Cart
45 Days Refund Period
Web Host Rating: 65%
9 BlueHost
Cheap Shared Hosting
$6.95 $3.95 43% OFF Free Domain Name
Unlimited Domains
Instant Website Setup
Web Host Rating: 60%
10 HostMonster
Cheap Shared Hosting
$6.95$3.95 43% OFF Free Domain Name
Unlimited Websites
Instant Website Setup
Web Host Rating: 60%

Why We Recommend Fatcow - Read Below!

Fatcow CouponFat Cow is a reliable web hosting provider that was founded in 1998. Since then Fat Cow has focused its effort to offer the best solutions and attractive hosting packages to individuals, but especially for small businesses. As for the Fat Cow ability to meet the requirements of a site for a small business, the American company based in Massachusetts is considered the world leader in this field. Fat Cow professionally simplified the way how to create an account and incorporated a friendly interface having its users. By simplicity and innovativity, but having a large dose of professionalism, Fat Cow accumulated a decade of experience in the webhosting market. Using renewable energy, Fat Cow participate actively to protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere.


FatCow can be described as famous service provider within the world of hosting for minor and average online business options. They give you inexpensive hosting alternatives. The internet hosting provided by  FatCow web comes with easy to use website builders, hassle-free online store applications, blogs, galleries. The solid, multi functional business solutions comes with every aspect that you seek to set your internet business existence on the internet. The offices and datacenters of FatCow are totally wind powered. A proficient looking website may be constructed with only a few clicks. Bonus elements are included in all the free FatCow plan. $ 50 Google Adwords credit is a major feature of Fatcow.

Disk Space

With hardware becoming cheaper and cheaper these days as technology continues to expand, it means that the price of hard disk space is also becoming cheaper. This is how hosting companies are able to continue upgrading their plans with more and more disk space offered to you in the end result. The more space youíre allowed the better, it really isnít anymore complicated than that. What do FatCow actually offer in terms of this? Letís find out.

They currently only provide one hosting account so itís hard to make any real comparison but we can say that unlimited disk space is offered with this plan. This does, for the majority of people, mean that you donít actually need to worry about the space you take up on the server. FatCow have a very large infrastructure of servers so it can cope with a lot of resources being used. Those who own large websites may struggle due to the fair usage policy which most web hosting companies will include to make sure that everyone gets to use a fair amount of resources to ensure that everyone is happy with the service.

Price Value

Many customers agree that FatCow offers a great value for your money. One of the first things you will notice about this host is that it charges for service on a per year basis, opposed to per month. This is what most firms do, but very few of them come out and tell you the actual price you need to pay to obtain the package. Just another factor that puts FatCow in its own class. The price is incredibly affordable either way you look at it, and when taking in all the benefits, it adds up to one of the best bargains around.


FatCow only offers a single hosting plan, but that plan is packaged with a variety of useful features. You have two options for building your website as the company supports the Microsoft

FrontPage web design program, and also provides access to a free site builder. The plan also comes with some features you will not find too many other places, most notably a custom Google search box, and the highly sought after Google Webmaster Tools. In addition, FatCow offers more than enough disk space and bandwidth to accommodate your growth.

Free Software

If you are looking for a web hosting package that is loaded with free software options, look no further than FatCow. Known as the ďScript Barn,Ē its bundle of free software consists of blogging platforms, image galleries, and content management systems such as Joomla among many others. Worried about how you will get these applications up and running? Donít be. Each program included in your package can easily be installed with the simple click of the mouse. Maximizing the potential of your web hosting solution is that easy.


So weíve taken a look at most of the main factors that would influence your decision to purchase a web hosting plan. The disk space, bandwidth, customer support, price and the extras included have all been looked at and now itís time to conclude our FatCow review by telling you exactly what we think about FatCow. In conclusion, FatCow are a good web host to go with. There are no real problems with the plan at all and itís great for those who are on a budget and donít want to spend more than you need to. A simple $56/year payment can be all you need to get your website set up due to the inclusion of a free domain name. FatCow are also a green host so theyíre environmentally friendly so if youíre interested in what they provide, try them out now.

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